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Account Access

Below are convenient links for you to access Fidelity Investments and Albridge.

Albridge Access

This website allows you to run reports similar to those shown in your meetings with Ron.  Albridge allows you to see all of your accounts (including accounts that are not Empower Financial Advisory/SSNAI brokerage accounts) within one report, run reports from different time periods you select, and see the net returns of each account and each position within your accounts.  Albridge shows information that is generally on a 1-3 day lag depending on when you run the report.  For example, reports run on Monday normally will have Friday's close of business numbers.  Enjoy the reports!

Click here for Albridge Access

Fidelity Investments

This website shows information for your Empower Financial Advisory/brokerage accounts at Fidelity Investments. From this website, you can view current account balances, transactions within your accounts, access account statements, access tax records, as well as many other activities and information. Fidelity Investments provides the most up to date information for your accounts.

Click here for Fidelity Investments