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Meaning Behind the Name

Empower - to make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

Since 1989, Ronald E. Williams, Jr., CFP®, has been working with clients who want to move from their working years into a time to really discover life, enjoy their family, and experience what the world has to offer.  Ron empowers his clients by working with them to discover their dreams and desires, and engaging them into his comprehensive wealth management process.  This process is designed to teach his clients how they can live their dreams and have their assets support that lifestyle.

The Triangle represents Maslow's hierarchy of needs.  Many times, Ron meets his clients at the third level from the top of the hierarchy where they have achieved success and are looking for more.  They are comfortable and building relationships with family and friends, enjoying life and feel connected to those close to them.

As they develop their planning, and start to live the plan, they start to realize where they really are.  They realize that they have built wealth, and are living in a way that makes them feel prestige and a major feeling of accomplishment.  They fully understand what they did to get there was worth it and are living the dream.  That is the second highest level of the triangle.

As they move forward, clients reach a level of Financial Self Actualization, the top of the triangle.  They want to build wealth beyond themselves.  Clients want to see their wealth help their family, friends and causes they believe in.  They are now fully empowered to do what ever they want to do, and be happy for the rest of their lives. 

We want our name and our logo to remind our clients that they are successful, caring people.  They are pillars of the community and they make the world a better place.  They are in full control of their lives, and their money is now serving their needs to do all they want to do.