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Client Enrichment Series

For clients only:  We created the Client Enrichment Series to add educational value for our clients.  There are a variety of topics that we will present throughout the year.  It's a great environment to learn and ask questions.  We have learned over the years that providing up to date, high interest topics for our clients in a fully educational environment, not only shows the depths of our knowledge but strengthens the client/advisor relationship and is well worth the investment of time we take to run this program.  Please take advantage of any or all of the following topics throughout the year.  All of these sessions will be available live in our Glastonbury office, or via Webinar.  For our live sessions, space is limited so please sign up as soon as you can.

State of the Market - This session is run quarterly to give our clients a forum to ask questions and obtain information regarding the economy, Fixed and Equity Markets.  We will also run these sessions in a time of perceived "crisis", when we have seen above average market volatility or domestic or global events that we believe our clients will be concerned about.  

Estate Planning Essentials - Join us to learn and ask all the questions you may have about general estate planning.  Topics include: How trusts work, avoiding probate, revocable vs. irrevocable, avoiding estate tax, wealth replacement trusts, necessary documents, QTIP trust and provisions for blended families, eldercare, charitable giving, Charitable Remainder Trusts, education funding for grandchildren, life and finances after a spouse's death, need for proper estate planning documents, aging parents, importance of elder care attorney, running a family meeting with parents and adult children, reverse mortgage basics, implications with how assets are passed, income in respect to the decedent.

Fundamentals of Investing - Everything you always wanted to know about investing but were afraid to ask.  Join us for an evening to get a better understanding of the very basics of stocks, bonds, and the stock market.  This event was suggested by our clients to give them a better understanding of some of the elemental investment definitions.  We hope you will take advantage of this informative session

Estate Preservation and Long Term Care Strategies -  We hope you'll take advantage of this informative discussion.  Topics include: What are the risks?  Who pays for Long Term Care?  What does Medicare cover?  What is Medicaid?  How do you qualify?  What is the Connecticut Partnership for Long Term Care?  How does Long Term Care Insurance work?  What are my other options to cover this need and to protect my assets?  Other states involved in the Partnership for Long Term Care program.  How to work this into your personal financial plan.  Enjoy the evening and get all of your questions answered.

Portfolio Selection Process - Join us for an evening to learn about the process we use to select the investments and the managers inside the Fixed and Equity portfolios.  This is the same process and philosophy we have used since 1999.   Come learn more about: Building a portfolio, stock and bond portfolio review, New investment selection: A Case Study, investment analysis and screening.  

Medicare - Speaker: Mark Brownstein Medicare Education Consulting
Medicare Maximized: Take the mystery out of Medicare
We hope you take advantage of one of our most popular sessions. These sessions are held toward the end of the year during the beginning of the enrollment period. Medicare is complicated. Current and future Medicare recipients will come away from this workshop better prepared to select medical and prescription drug coverage that best suits their current and further medical coverage. That means understanding the basics of when to apply and how to avoid any penalties. Gain insights on how to make smart choices when it's time to evaluate your Medicare options. Recommended for anyone age 64+ or soon to be retiring.

Required Minimum Distributions and Advanced Estate Planning -  From now through 2034, over 10,000 people a day will be turning 72 and will be required to start pulling money out of their qualified plans.  Learn all the myths and facts of this process and how you can maintain control of your financial planning while you enter this stage of your life.  How does this affect your income taxes?  How much do I need to pull out?  What if I don't need all of the distribution for income?  The Roth IRA.  Can I directly distribute this required distribution to a charity of my choice?  How can I use this distribution to expand my estate?  Beneficiary IRA Distributions.