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31 March
Special State of the Market - Discussion of Current Events and Planning


This is not a time, nor is it ever a time to let emotions take control of your financial plan.

I felt like it would be forever until our next scheduled Quarterly State of the Market discussion on April 28, which is still on the schedule, and I wanted to take action.

I have decided to add a Special State of the Markets- Discussion of Current Events and Planning on Thursday March 31 @ 10:00AM.   This Event will be recorded and available as soon as possible for playback On-Demand, anytime you would like to view it. 

I gave some insight on our March Update, and want to expand on that in this next State of the Markets discussion.   I still get daily updates from our investment managers, Global Market strategists and Economists that I trust so I have plenty of content and commentary to share that is going to be much different than you are probably hearing from the media. 

The bottom line from their opinions is that we have a very foggy short-term outlook with a lot of variable factors in play, however the longer-term look is still very favorable for the clients that are Investors, not speculators, for the longer term.   That is who we are.   Our strategy that has a minimum of 10 years of Fixed Income to supplement our client’s lifestyle and is there to “buy us time” as equities do their up and down movements.   That is what should help give you Peace of Mind as we navigate these rough waters.
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Date and Time

Thu, Mar 31, 2022

10:00a - 11:30a EST




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