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Retirement Empowerment Workshops

Get the most from your best years

This is not your parents retirement - It's not about pinching pennies and living on a fixed income.  Your retirement will be different.  Want to pay for your grandchildren's education?  Want to take that trip to Rome you deferred for so many years?  Want to reward yourself with that car of your dreams?

Whatever it is, the plans we create together will make it easier for you to relax and enjoy the wealth you've worked so hard to build.

Retire with your youth and your health - You are still young.  Now it is time for you to enjoy life.  A written retirement plan from Empower Financial Advisory will help you visualize and enjoy a retirement your parents never could have imagined.  Wouldn't it be a shame to look back at age 82 and think of all of the things you could have done, should have done, at 62?

You'll notice The Empower Financial Advisory Difference - You'll notice the difference when you hear Ronald E. Williams, Jr. speak that his approach is unique.  Finally, you have found a wealth management firm that is worthy of your trust and confidence - a financial partner.  No scare tactics.  No magic formulas.  Just a rational and systematic approach to retirement planning and living.

We invite you to see the advantages of an Empower Financial Advisory Retirement.  A retirement of doing...a retirement of living fully...a retirement of travel...Learn how to live now while you can.

Enjoy all the possibilities of the best years!

I'd love the opportunity to have a positive effect on your life - "Thank you for taking the time to consider attending our Retirement Empowerment Workshop.  We believe that when you come in to our workshop, you have real questions and you're interested in hearing solutions.  That's why our workshop focuses on empowering you in retirement - with clear information you can use.  We'll share an interactive evening of discussion that's tailored to your specific retirement decisions.

It is our privilege to work in partnership with you and to guide you at every step of your financial odyssey.  You'll set the pace as we simplify complex financial information and provide you with confidence and clarity.  We can help you realize just how well you've done preparing for this moment.

Please consider spending one 3 hour evening with me and I'll promise I will do my best to answer all of your toughest questions clearly and honestly.  I've been helping clients transition to retirement since 1989 and I'd love to have a positive effect on your life."

Ronald E. Williams Jr., CFP®

Experience an evening that just might change the rest of your life - When you meet Ron Williams, you will just know he is different.  While he's certainly knowledgeable and experienced in wealth management, what truly distinguishes Ron is his ability to listen and understand your needs.  He genuinely understands his retired clients and cares enough about them to empower them to live a full retirement.  He teaches with a great deal of empathy and you can tell he has true relationships with his clients.

This may well be the first workshop where you'll completely understand the speaker.  And we feel confident that after attending, you'll feel so much better because finally, you will be able to see how simple it can be.  Ron will show you it's okay to spend in retirement.

Look for our upcoming workshop dates in the Events section of our website.