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"Your Personal HR Department" Services

When it is time to transition to Retirement

After working your entire life, growing a family, building wealth, you stop and think, can I afford to retire?  Am I in a position where I can make this change in my life?

You may have just had enough.  You may have just realized that you are ready mentally.  Maybe your company is offering a package to get you to retire or "downsizing" may be in your future.  Regardless of how you've come to realize this question, you need answers.

Working with our clients in this situation, we become their own "Personal HR" department.  Like in the good old days, there used to be a person at your company to help you transition to retirement.  Today, that is usually not the situation.  Between paperwork, websites, and automated lines getting you to the next available operator, there really is no more personal touch.  That is where we come in.

We want to make sure our clients can retire with a comprehensive planning process, and then be with them every step of the way and help them make the decisions for their transition.  That may include what pension option is best for you and your family, what to do with your 401(k), how to create an income plan in this volatile economic environment, formulate a comprehensive tax plan, evaluate survivorship, when and how to take Social Security, and more.   

It is not only on how to set this all up, but how to monitor and change this as your life and the economy changes so you stay on the right path.

We are here to help.  This is what we do.